Horton Point is part of an original 1640 land grant provided to Barnabas Horton. Although the Horton Point Lighthouse was commissioned in 1790 during George Washington’s Presidency, the first letter requesting a fixed light at Horton Point came in 1853 from William Brown. On August 3, 1854, Congress appropriated $4,000 for the construction of the lighthouse.  Another $3,500 was appropriated on August 18, 1856. On September 25,1857 masons finished work on both the tower and dwelling and on October 5, the Third Order Fresnel lantern was raised into place  All work was completed by October 12, 1857 and the light was first lit on October 15, 1857. The total cost of the construction was $12,412. The light shone at a height of 110 feet above sea level and could be seen for a distance of 14 nautical miles.

The above information was compiled by Carol House and John D’Angelo.  To find out more about the lighthouse please visit the Southold Historical Society website

at www.southoldhistoricalsociety.org

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